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NEW BOOK---NOW AVAILABLE MOTH ORCHIDS--The Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis

With their refined beauty and elegant flower form, moth orchids (members of the genus Phalaenopsis) are often referred to as the basic black of the orchid world. In fact, moth orchids are the most popular orchids in the world, accounting for a staggering 75 percent of all orchid plant sales. More than merely beautiful, they are also among the easiest orchids to grow, whether in greenhouses, on windowsills, or under artificial lights, and the individual flowers can last for up to three months in pristine form. These appealing traits make moth orchids the first choice of every orchid fancier, from rank beginners to dyed-in-the-wool fanatics.Most flower lovers are familiar with the elegant white, pink, and striped hybrids, but a revolution in phalaenopsis breeding has resulted in an entirely new, diverse, and wonderful array of flower colors and patterns previously unimaginable. Professional horticulturist and orchid expert Steven A. Frowine, author of Miniature Orchids (Timber Press, 2007), focuses on these new stars while also providing a detailed look at the classic hybrids and species. Readers will be enticed by the book's 365 lavish color photographs and gratified by the wealth of practical advice on selecting and buying moth orchids. Most importantly, Frowine shares his secrets on how these glorious plants can be grown to perfection, with recommendations about light levels, potting media, watering, and feeding. Especially useful are his clearly illustrated step-by-step directions on how to repot, trim, and propagate moth orchids.If you're a novice orchid lover, this book will arm you with all the knowledge you need to enjoy moth orchids' magnificent blossoms in your home. If you're a phalaenopsis fanatic, you'll be thrilled to see just how exciting the world of moth orchids has become.

Media Reviews of this book:

"The writing is lucid and easy to read and understand, and the book brings together an enormous amount of scattered information. It will be a useful addition to any general orchid library. ... A good introduction to these popular plants."

—Harold Koopowitz, Orchid Digest, November/December 2008

"Easy-to-follow directions. ... This well-illustrated book features 365 photos and 204 pages of useful moth orchid information."

—Robert Haehle, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, October 3, 2008

"Recommended for all orchid people, beginner and experienced, and all public libraries."

—Jenny Seftas, Library Journal, October 2008