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Fragrant Orchids: A Guide To Selecting, Growing, And Enjoying

Timber Press

Released: September 2005
ISBN: 088192-739-2
US $29.95

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Cinnamon! Chocolate! Lemon! Vanilla!

Only one experience is more breathtaking than seeing a gorgeous orchid in bloom---smelling a fragrant gorgeous orchid in bloom. Ask the insect pollinators who depend on scent rather than beauty to lead them to the right flower. Yet orchid growers have traditionally paid more attention to flower size, substance, color, and shape than to fragrance.

In this first popular book on the subject, plantsman Steven A. Frowine pro¬files 110 fragrant orchids with exquisite images of each and also provides salient details for another 355 enticing orchids. The concise descriptions include cultivation information along with detailed notes on the plant’s fragrance and intensity, which can range from elegant and sophisticated to downright nasty, from fruity and spicy to medicinal and fishy, from light and fresh to heavy and overwhelming.

With some 20,000 fragrant orchids available today, orchid enthusiasts will appreciate this practical guide to choosing, growing, and blooming orchids with the right look and their favorite scent.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Fragrance Facts and Fancy
Chapter 2 Selecting and Buying Orchids
Chapter 3 The Basics of Growing Orchids
Chapter 4 The Cattleya Alliance
Chapter 5 The Dendrobium Tribe
Chapter 6 The Oncidium Alliance
Chapter 7 The Vanda/Phalaenopsis Alliance
Chapter 8 Other Orchids

Appendix A Orchids by Ease of Culture
Appendix B Orchids by Light Requirements
Appendix C Orchids by Nighttime Temperature Preferences
Appendix D Orchids by Intensity of Fragrance
Appendix E Orchids by Time of Fragrance
Appendix F Orchids by Season of Bloom
Appendix G Sources for Fragrant Orchids
Plant Name Index